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The Course:

Entry requirements: Hautlieu sixth form entry requirements (plus completion of Summer Task)

Photography is aimed at developing a critical eye and encouraging a greater sense of visual literacy. Students will develop an understanding of how to use still images to suit both form and purpose for a range of image-based productions, including promotional campaigns, photojournalism, landscape, studio work and documentary approaches too. Students are required to produce personal responses to issues that reflect contemporary photographic practice. Students are expected to support and illustrate their knowledge of photography through a range of academic disciplines such as research, analysis and critical thinking. Students will be expected to produce a photo-book in the second year as well as a range of individual photographic responses.

Year 1

Component 1 Coursework – 50%

Students are required to complete several major tasks that will form a portfolio of tasks, skills and creative responses.  Previous tasks have centred on the following:

  • Portraiture
  • Advanced operation of the camera
  • Developing photo editing skills
  • Studio Lighting
  • Landscape photography

Component 2 Set Assignment – 50%

This is a six week project set by the exam board that allows students to individually interpret a thematic key word or phrase. Students will use skills and approaches developed through the coursework to produce a final outcome, which will include a digital workbook. Previous themes have included: “experiences and meeting”, “links and connections.

Year 2

Component 1: A2 coursework (60%)

The aim of the A2 coursework is to encourage students to develop their own ideas, style and approach to photography.  The A2 coursework is broken down into:

  • Supervised projects on photojournalism, documentary and narrative, tableaux
  • Independent coursework study based on a previous externally set assignment
  • Production of ‘zines, newspaper supplements, photo-books and printed matter
  • Personal study; looking at a particular aspect of photography, which must include at least a 2,000 word discussion, debate or argument.

Component 2:  A2 Externally Set Assignment (40%); six week project Similar to AS Component 2 – previous titles have included: boundaries, opulence, transitions

Opportunities and progression: Field trips to St Malo, Paris and London may be offered during the course. Exhibitions, workshops and seminars with contemporary photographers and practitioners take place regularly. The course will help students gain a broader insight into art, culture and society.  The course also provides a good grounding in using ICT to creatively communicate an idea, intention or purpose. We guide students in the application of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign throughout various projects which many students continue with in Creative Pathways such as graphic design and web development, advertising, marketing and branding.

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