Statement of Intent

I am going to produce two media products from Set 3 brief: a Tik Tok video and three movie posters, both aimed at promoting a coming-of-age movie. The movie I am referring to is “After”, which has similar aspects of the movie I have created. I have chosen Set 3 brief because of my interest in social media and my experience in creating engaging TikTok content. Additionally, I have never created this type of media work, so I am excited to challenge myself and increase my knowledge and understanding.

My interest in social media and experience with TikTok were significant when I chose this brief. Tik Tok is a new way to promote media products especially reaching a younger audience which my movie is aimed towards. This brief includes digital and traditional media, allowing me to use my strengths and learn new things. It also helps me understand more about media theories and how to apply them in my products.

The TikTok videos will be fun and engaging for the audience, as many people on TikTok have a low attention span so it is crucial that I engage the audience early. The TikTok will capture behind the scenes of the movie and some additional clips and scenes. By using relatable humour and eye-catching scenes the video will appeal to what the audience likes and cares about. I will use TikTok’s interactive features, like hashtags to get the audience involved and spread my media product further.

The three movie posters will relate with my TikTok video creating an attractive media campaign. Each poster will highlight different parts of the movie, from its emotional moments to its exciting moments. I’ll use the same colour themes and movie title to show that they are campaigning the same movie. The posters will be designed to attract the target audience, using images that reflect the movie’s key scenes and themes.

Each poster will focus on a different part of the movie, for instance one poster might show the main character’s journey, and the other might highlight an important relationship, and the third might capture a key moment in the story. This way, the posters together will give a full picture of the movies themes and attract a wide audience.

To help develop my project, I’ll explore Todorov’s narrative theory. Todorov’s idea of narrative structure – equilibrium, disruption, new equilibrium – will help both my TikTok video and the movie posters. I will also use C.S. Pierce’s theory of signs, focusing on indexical signs to intrigue consumers to my movie poster. By using lots of small symbols in my media products it will make the audience curious and get them interested in my movie. This approach will not only make visually appealing posters but also grow a stronger connection with the audience to the movies story.

My target audience for my project is teenagers and young adults aged 12-20. This age group really connects with a coming-of-age movie because they can reflect their own experiences and challenges. Even though “After” has a female lead, I wanted to create a media content that appeals to both genders. By focusing on themes like finding themselves and growing as a person through challenges along the way. This age group is also very active on social media, especially TikTok, so this is a great platform to reach them on so they can engage, interact and find out more about my media products.

I have been inspired by several different coming of age movies on Netflix, especially ‘Mean girls’ and ‘To All the Boys I have Loved Before’. Mean girls stood out to me because its about personal growth and realising there is more to life than being ‘popular’. This movie is a great example of how I want my project to have a positive message and to inspire my young target audience. Although, I did enjoy ‘To all the boys I loved before’ it focuses on romance and finding your other half, where as my movie aims to focus more on finding your true self before you love somebody else.


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Repetition and Difference

Keywords: Levels of verisimilitude – what degree a product references real life, Narrative similarities – structures are usually followed in products, newspapers follow presenting , Character-driven motifs, Iconography, Audience targeting, Representational effects

Genre subversion: Audience needs, contextual influences and Economic influences

What is Genre

Genre is ‘a style or category of art, music, or literature.’ The main theorist is called Steven Neale, his theory is that all genres have their similarities and repetitions but what separates them is their differences. Neale sees genre as something that evolves over time, not just a set of fixed categories that use the same repertoire of elements. He believes that genre is a historic specificity, which means that different genres change over time. For instance, a sci-fi movie in the 1950s has changed drastically in comparison to modern day sci-fi movies. As genres are changing and as new additions are added to the body of similar texts, Neale refers to as the corpus. A hybridisation is when two genres are combined. For example, a rom-com or a sci-fi/western film.


Steve Neale- theorist


A genre is a category based on similarities in either the emotional response to the film (horror, tragic, comic, etc.) or the narrative elements. Steve Neale believes that films should include features that are similar, so the audience know it is a horror film or romance, but also include features that are different, to keep an audience interested. This is his theory of repetition and difference. Neale states that all genres contain instances of repetition and difference, difference is essential to the to the economy of the genre.


All genres contain subgenres which further define and categorise the media text. An example of this is a psychological thriller- psychological is a sub genre.

Hybrid genre:

Some media texts are hybrid genres, which means they share the conventions of more than one genre. An example of this is a rom-com (romance/comedy). The Twilight films are a hybrid genre, combining horror, fantasy, teen and romance.


Genres evolve continually. Repertoire of elements that make up a genre

Genre theory

Genre is defined by different codes and convections

you can also combine genres to create hybrid genres such as comedy drama which is a mix of comedy and drama

Steve Neale said genre is based on repetition and differences as genres have motifs which are repeated to depict the genre, but also differences so all media which covers the genre is not the same.

Statement of Intent 

I have chosen brief 3 where I will be creating three movie posters to advertise a ‘coming of age’ themed film that is being presented at a film festival. In my first poster I will be showing the women who I have chosen for my film that is in a relationship and throughout the posters it demonstrates her changes through a breakup and how she changes for the better. Brief 3 really caught my interest as I believe it will be enjoyable to create three videos to promote a film with my friends and create a story line throughout the three videos. I would also like to expand my knowledge about editing and film making as it interests me a lot as I have not had the opportunity to create something like this before and have not had the experience.  

In poster one I will be showing the women that she used to be before the break up and how she used to act and how she comes across to people. The women is in a dress dress in red lighting as she was very in love at first and her relationship was going well and she was very beautiful and sexy and it shows how she changes throughout the film. I have named this piece ‘The women in shadow’ as it demonstrates the new women that she becomes which is in her shadow throughout the film and what she will turn into after her break up. Media language is the different aspects in a media product that communicates meanings to the audience. I have included a dominant signifier that is the women that is presented throughout as she is the main part in the film and the most important which shows meaning to the audience.  

In Poster 2 I have included the male who she is dating and presenting him in which a way of him walking away into the distance after disappearing into the night after ending the relationship. My posters demonstrate the scenes that occur in the film as a way of showing what may happen throughout.

Poster 3 is a picture of the new women grown up and how she has changed after a heartbreak and demonstrates that even if something bad happens it doesn’t always mean it will be bad forever as you can see she changes and matures throughout and changes in her physical features which shows that changing the way you may look or doing something different can feel relieving from the past. The theme is coming of age as it shows her changing and growing however it is also a bit of rom com that is involved as I want to incorporate more than one theme as it makes the story line a lot clearer and more interesting.

My aim for these videos is to promote and capture a more mainstream audience and capture audience attention. I will also be creating 3 other posters to represent and promote the film I have chosen.  

I will be using different camera angles and vibrant colours during the video to capture attention from audience which proves I have read through the brief and analyses it well and gone through the requirements I need.  

The videos will be available on all platforms to enable and get the most out of creating it to get it out to as many people and audience possible to attract lots of people to watch the film. It will include catchy songs and dances that make people more aware and as something specific they remember from the film. I will promote the TikTok’s on my Instagram story and create posts promoting them as we need as wide as an audience possible. 

Media language is the different aspects in a media product that communicates meanings to the audience. I have included a dominant signifier that is the women that is presented throughout as she is the main part in the film and the most important which shows meaning to the audience.  


  1. hybridisation: mix of two genres, e.g. rom-com
  2. sub-genre: subdivision of a larger genre, e.g. psychological thriller
  3. corpus: repertoire of elements that make up a genre
  4. repetition and sameness VS variation and change:
    • repeating same formulas with only minor variations but still sufficient variations, with familiarity, to make the audience feel that the product they are consuming is still fresh