bonnie and Clyde- gender, Bonnie should be a subservient, feminine and rule obeying woman but she is the complete opposite.

bonnie and Clyde- ethnicity, there is only one black man who follows the orders of his white boss, he is not a normal human, he is considered a worker.

Casablanca- gender, Ilsa is portrayed as a feminine, soft and a subservient woman, as that was the stereotypical ideal woman.

Casablanca- ethnicity, there is only one black man in the film and he is considered a entertainer or a worker not as a human being.

300 word essay

the short film Pasternak had a lot of different audio sounds, the best use of audio was when they were at the very beginning, the lady was walking through the airport and you could hear her heels tap across the hard floor and you could also hear her suitcase rolling against the tiles next to her. in the background you could hear lots of different noises like people talking and even planes taking off. the visual element of this beginning scene was a floor shot, it was really low to the ground and we was following her feet and all we could see was her feet and blurred feet in the background. the next scene that had good audio was when they were on the plane and the woman started talking to the man and you could hear all the other background noises of the plane engine in the back and other people muttering towards each other, the visual had the focus on the first two people and the other people blurred in the background of the plane talking to each other, the last one that caught my eye was the very last scene where he crashes into his parents. the audio was calm and you could hear a light breeze and birds chirping and then you can slowly hear the plane getting louder and louder as the scene goes on before he crashes, the visual is very calm but we can see the plane from far away slowly getting closer so we know what is about to happen to them, but they do not expect it so they are still sat calming reading the newspaper and drinking their tea, not expecting what was going to happen.

till death do us part

What did you like about the film? I liked all of the drama in it  What didn’t you like? I did not like how she went and cheated on him  
What ideas could you use? Narrative or style? I liked the idea of the woman showing up to the wedding  What ideas won’t you use? Why? I wont be using the idea of cheating back on him because she is now no longer the victim  

In-Depth study: All elements

Narrative structureI liked the way the narrative was very emotional and they used a lot of yelling at eachother      
Establishing characters, setting, plot, themeThe plot was very smart, I thought it was all very engaging, the use of the woman showing up to the wedding made a huge twist in it.      
Mise-en-sceneThe mise-en-scene was good because they used a lot of different shots around the place to show the atmosphere      
CinematographyThe lighting was very casual natural lighting and all of the shots were like we were a guest at that wedding experiencing it.      
EditingThe editing had a lot of close ups to it, I liked how they kept switching from each character when she was on the roof.      
SoundThe sound always had some wedding music in the background and always had people chatting in the background.      


What did you like about the film? I liked that the man kept going back to the same place.  What didn’t you like? I didn’t like how it went so fast I did not understand it  
What ideas could you use? Narrative or style? I liked the style of it being in a very natural setting  What ideas won’t you use? Why? I will not be using the idea that it blew up, it made it very dramatic  

In-Depth study: All elements

Narrative structureAn example of the narrative structure that I liked was when they were waiting in line and the people behind him kept telling him to hurry up and be quicker.      
Establishing characters, setting, plot, themeI liked the plot of it, there was a lot of drama, you almost feel bad for the guy at first. The setting was a relatable one, lots of people get tickets all the time.      
Mise-en-sceneI liked how the mese-on-scene was used at the end when he was getting angry, the lights were bright and made it a very blinding and confusing scene.      
CinematographyThe cinematography was good, they used a lot of the use of then being the character so we can really get into the conversation.      
EditingThe editing was pretty basic, this made the realty of it look more real than it was before.      
Soundthe sound was very loud and it made it seem a lot more like he was upset and then it really enhanced all of his emotions.      

ideological analysis scenes

Joker ~ 33.40 to 36.44 ~ summary of scene: Arthur shoots the guy on the subway stairs then runs away to a nearby public bathroom and he starts dancing, once he gets this confidence, he storms to his apartment building and knocks on the door of his new neighbour and starts kissing her.

Moonlight ~ 1.18.52 to 1.21.30 ~ summary of scene: Black appears at the diner that Kevin works at and waits for him to notice that it’s him. Kevin then realises its Chiron (Black).

the influence of the French new wave on new Hollywood

  1. The New Wave (French: Nouvelle Vague), also called the French New Wave, is a French art film movement that emerged in the late 1950s. The movement was characterized by its rejection of traditional filmmaking conventions in favour of experimentation and a spirit of iconoclasm.
  2. Filming techniques included fragmented, discontinuous editing, and long takes. The combination of realism, subjectivity, and authorial commentary created a narrative ambiguity in the sense that questions that arise in a film are not answered in the end. One of the key characteristics of the French New Wave is its rejection of past filmmaking, instead swapping in more experimental and avant-garde techniques.
  3. Scorsese and Coppola, both who rose to fame in the 1970s, which is sometimes referred to as the American new wave, have mentioned the influence these French filmmakers had on their artistic and production style.

mis-en scene in Casablanca

props in Casablanca are mainly glasses of expensive alcohol, and a lot of money. mainly the sheets of paper with the boarding passes on them for people to leave. and during the movie there is loads of people smoking cigarettes, through out the whole movie they always had one in their hand.

the costumes in Casablanca are very 1940s and all the women wear nice long skirts with a hat, the men were always wearing suits to show their wealth.

sets in casablanca are in always fancy bars or in posh looking houses in nice town and clean streets, they use alot of nice areas that are large and have a rich type of vibe to it.